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We offer you an enjoyable experience while helping you achieve the most brilliant teeth of your life. We excel in care that is family oriented, warm, and professional. We have a mission of creating beautiful smiles and are serious about our work. Still, we believe that your journey through life should be enjoyable and that there is plenty of gain without the pain. We use only the newest, state-of-the-art technology and techniques in orthodontics to make sure that this is the experience you have at our office.

Our Team is Second to None

We are known for our caring, generous staff. This is deserved and earned day after day. Our team will warmly welcome you and your whole family to the practice. Prepare for personal service and full access to our staff and facility. We are at your service and strive to see you comfortable and happy with your care. Until you are, neither are we.

Expert Orthodontics

Dr. Parisi is committed to creating truly beautiful and unique smiles. He will not settle for anything less than the best in his work. He believes that your oral care is life changing. We know more now than ever before about how your oral health affects the rest of the body. Furthermore, a healthy smile boosts confidence and self-worth. This is why we work hard to create one-of-a-kind smiles. After your treatment, we want your reflection in the mirror to look like something you have only thought possible in pictures or dreams. That happens here one treatment at a time.This is our goal.

Emergency Availability

By their very nature, emergencies are not planned, but we are committed to relieving your discomfort as soon as possible. Though true orthodontic emergencies tend to be very rare, they do happen. We have emergency availability over the phone when the office is closed. An emergency phone number for Dr. Parisi is always available. He will help you to temporarily solve the problem until you can come in and find a permanent solution together. We are there for you in your time of need.

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